Today is  my pa’s birthday, his 50-birthday.

I didn’t make a call or something. Smoehow guilty I feel but I have decided. I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, I shouldn’t ? Nothing is appropriate.

” Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”, it’s Wittgenstein, but I know it is fucking far from reality.

Things seem a bit different?

Since Sina post the ads that ” Talk to Paul Krugman–the laureate of Nobel prize in economics” I was looking forward to the show and utterly curious about what his tongue will be. This morning (or saying noon?) I read this post in Paul’s blog and realise that the ” Chinese specilised socialism” has never changed.

I repost the article here…….. 

A brief moment of sanity

OK, I’ve got a small break in my trip. Right now I’m in … actually, given what the past week has been like, I’m not going to say, since I really really don’t want reporters calling.

I hope that when China develops a bit further, it will revise its notion of how long a speech plus discussion should last. 2 1/2 hours, twice a day, plus meetings with umpteen business and government officials, kind of wears you down.

And yes, as some commentators noticed, the posters did read “Great prophet in China.” Embarrassing.

A bit of macro in my next post. Then I really do have to grade term papers.

PS: And yes, it did feel like Lost in Translation — including the disorienting appearance on a TV show (on the day I arrived, no less.) No Suntory ads, though.