27 Mar. 2010

There is a depiction of pre-crisis life of Britain I found in the website of Economist, as sarcastic, gloomy and murmuring as ever.

You can find the complete article in here

“It was only three years ago, but it feels as though aeons have passed. Back then, the British economy was the strongest in Europe. Open and competitive markets made British the poster child for globalisation in the rich world. Central-bank independence and (supposedly) prudent budgetary management helped produce a vintage period of steady and rapid expansion. British workers were admirably reluctant to strike; British chancellor tiresomely wont to lecture finance ministers in mainland Europe about their superior policies. And British Airways was the world’s favorite airline.”

26 Mar. 2010

“In those days, twenty-five years ago, Reston had been a young political reporter in Washington, and before that a war correspondent in London during the Blitz, living with his Midwestern wife and baby son on the edge of destruction and rubble, working among a generation of American journalists profoundly influenced by the spirit of that time and place.”

from  The Kingdom and The Power by Gay Talese in 1969

20 Mar. 2010



12 Mar. 2010