Words 4 Today-20120207

It’s been a long time, so the words are a little bit more than ever and I keenly added explanations for myself.

Enjoy it.

Grind (crush sth. to very  small pieces)




Empathy (ability to share another’s feelings or focusing on sth.)

Millennium (period of 1000 years)

Lurid (having bright glaring color, violent and shocking, sensational)

Blockbuster (a book or film that is very successful)

Fugitive (person who is running away or escaping)

Vendetta (hereditary feud between families, bitter long-standing quarrel)

Emphatic (done or said in a strong way and without any doubt)

Carcass (dead body of an animal, corpse)

Embezzle Embezzlement (use in a wrong way or benefit oneself)

Brag (bluff, boast)




Garish (unpleasantly bright, over-dressed, over-colored, over-decorated, esp. in vulgar way)

Trophy (objects awarded as prize)

Perturb Perturbation (very worried, disturb)

Veneer (decorative wood or plastic glued to the surface of cheaper wood)

Candid (frank, honest)

Sterilize ( to perform a medical operation on someone in order to make it unable to have children)

Perfunctory (cursory, hasty and without paying attention)

Cemetery (area, not a churchyard, used to burying the dead)

Carpentry Carpenter

Strangle (squeezing or gripping the throat tightly, throttle, restrict or prevent the normal growth)

Parakeet (small long-tailed parrot)

Aquarium (artificial pond or glass tank for live fish)

Slit (long narrow cut, tear or opening)

Profane(not sacred, secular, having or showing contempt for God or holy things, blasphemous)

Harlot (prostitute, whore)

Char ( cause sth becoming black by burning, scorch)


Sorcerer Sorceress Scorcery(person who is believed to perform magic, esp. with the help of evil spirits, magician)


Suffocate Suffocation (Strangle)

Chronicle (record of history events in the order in which they happened)

Blemish (spoil the beauty or perfection, defect, fault or flaw)

Fervent (showing warmth and sincerity of feeling, ardent)

Ardent (full of ardour, enthusiastic)

Tycoon (powerful businessman or industrialist)